How Women Rise to Reign

Live Events

Attend one of our upcoming, live events and over two days, we will:

  • Identify and release your #1 energetic block to abundance
  • Create a plan to attract success doing work that matters (and you love).
  • Release old traumas and forgive your past mistakes
  • Form sisterhood with like-minded women who want to cheer you on to greatness!
  • Develop a clear understanding of how to attract the partner of your dreams or deepen your relationship with your current partner.
  • And MUCH more!

Reclaim your power, break through your limits and live a life of purpose - in just two days. Get started below. 

Transformational Coaching

If you are ready to finally break through overwhelm, get the clarity you need to get into a state of FLOW and have the impact, income and FREEDOM you've always wanted while absolutely flourishing in your relationships, our coaching programs are for you.

Amy will personally help you uncover what is holding you back so you can move beyond your limiting beliefs and self-doubt to be noticed, appreciated and HIGHLY compensated for operating in your unique gifts, doing work you love without pretending to be someone you are not.

You will join with a sisterhood of women who will witness and cheer you on as you align with your most authentic self so you can have the confidence to take the risks that lead to your destiny while simultaneously feeling aligned, balanced and fulfilled in your most important relationships.

If that sounds like you, get started today by scheduling a breakthrough call with one of our Rise Coaches.


Rise to Reign led to a major breakthrough in my life. This work has given me the confidence and tools I need to show up and give all I've got so I can create anything I want in my life.

Alicia C.

New Mexico

Rise to Reign gave me the tools to master belief in myself. Amy has shown me how to be a queen and helped me change my life. This has touched every area of my life and led to our family's transformation.


Marisa R


Wow, I'm blown away! With kindness and compassion, Amy went to the core, root cause of the problem in 4 hours when it often takes therapists many sessions to get to that level. She blends spirituality, psychology, and good old business sense. Amy understands struggle and pain that makes her inspiring and makes her coaching attainable.


Shannon R.


If you are hosting an event for your organization, company or nonprofit and you want women AND men to leave feeling empowered, inspired and connected to their higher self and purpose, inviting Amy to speak is a guaranteed way to accomplish all three.

Amy has spoken to thousands of people, sharing the wisdom of her seven principles from the stage. Audiences are entertained, moved and inspired through expert storytelling and always leave with plenty of application to keep the transformation going long after the event.

If your goal for the event is to blow your attendees away with unexpected insight and lasting impact, book Amy today.

Are you tired of feeling like there’s never enough of you to go around?

There IS a way to have the income and impact you desire while absolutely thriving in your relationships too. 

Watch this free video course to learn how. Inside I'll share 4 simple steps to discover your most authentic self, activate your life's purpose and rock your relationships.

You can continue to feel overwhelmed, underappreciated and far from your purpose OR you can join me and learn how to be successful AND fulfilled.

Start your journey today with this free video course.


Start your Rise to Reign journey today by watching our free video course, 4 Days to Fulfilled.