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Health is the ultimate wealth.

It has been said that a healthy person has a thousand dreams, a sick person only has one. In other words, if you don't have your physical health, nothing else really matters.

The first pillar of Rise to Reign is soveREIGN Wellness which asks the question - who is in charge of your healthcare?

If you answered anything other than a confident, "I AM!" We want to help you get free of a medical system that doesn't have your best interest at heart.

You can start by learning the 5 shifts to heal virtually any health concern naturally.


Live Events

Attend one of our upcoming, live events and over two days, we will:

  • Identify and release your #1 energetic block to abundance
  • Create a plan to attract success doing work that matters (and you love).
  • Release old traumas and forgive your past mistakes
  • Form sisterhood with like-minded women who want to cheer you on to greatness!
  • Develop a clear understanding of how to attract the partner of your dreams or deepen your relationship with your current partner.
  • And MUCH more!

Reclaim your power, break through your limits and live a life of purpose - in just two days. Get started below. 

Build an Online Health Coaching Business

Do you dream of making a six figure income, working from home, setting your own hours all while helping people achieve their health and wellness goals? With our soveREIGN Wellness coaching system, we have taken all the mystery out of starting and growing your own online health coaching practice where you are self employed and have total time and location freedom on your way to financial freedom in a year or less.
I promise you it's possible. In fact, hundreds of coaches on our team are doing just that all while enjoying the most awesome community of heart centered, love fueled entrepreneurs who are wholeheartedly living their purpose and loving their lives.
If you love people, want to make the world a better place, can follow a proven system and aren't afraid to work hard to achieve your dreams, I want to talk to you. The first step is to attend my free webinar on creating six figures of recurring income with an online coaching business. At the end, if it sounds like you meet the criteria you think it might be a fit, I’ll tell you how to book time on my calendar.
team uprising

Rise to Reign led to a major breakthrough in my life. This work has given me the confidence and tools I need to show up and give all I've got so I can create anything I want in my life.

Alicia C.

New Mexico

Rise to Reign gave me the tools to master belief in myself. Amy has shown me how to be a queen and helped me change my life. This has touched every area of my life and led to our family's transformation.


Marisa R


Wow, I'm blown away! With kindness and compassion, Amy went to the core, root cause of the problem in 4 hours when it often takes therapists many sessions to get to that level. She blends spirituality, psychology, and good old business sense. Amy understands struggle and pain that makes her inspiring and makes her coaching attainable.


Shannon R.


If you are hosting an event for your organization, company or nonprofit and you want women AND men to leave feeling empowered, inspired and connected to their higher self and purpose, inviting Amy to speak is a guaranteed way to accomplish all three.

Amy has spoken to thousands of people, sharing the wisdom of her seven principles from the stage. Audiences are entertained, moved and inspired through expert storytelling and always leave with plenty of application to keep the transformation going long after the event.

If your goal for the event is to blow your attendees away with unexpected insight and lasting impact, book Amy today.

Are you a Prisoner or a Queen? (or something in between)

The four archetypes help you distinguish between your true identity and how you might react in times of stress or out of unhealed wounds. Your identity is defined as: a) The condition of being a certain person and/or b) the characteristics by which a person is known. How do you see yourself? How do others see you? Who does God say you are? By understanding the prisoner, slave, princess (prince) and Queen (King), you can be intentional about choosing to show up as your true self and stepping away from patterns of dysfunction.

Copy of Roadmap to Rise (2)

You were born to reign. But you have to know who you are first. In this free download, I explain the four Rise to Reign Archetypes (Prisoner, Slave, Princess & Queen). Self awareness creates the ability to shift in the direction of your wildest dreams instead of your worst fears.