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The Rise to Reign Podcast helps you heal - body, mind, emotions, finances & relationships - so you can recover your true identity, discover your true gifts, and fulfill your purpose. Let go of everything holding you down and rise - so you can reign in life!

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RTR 30 Kacia | Have What You Want

How To Become The Person You Need To Be To Have What You Want To Have With Kacia Fitzgerald

  Did you know? You are EXACTLY where you need to be to learn what you need to learn in order to reach your dream! Yes, the road towards our goals may be filled with challenging obstacles. However, let’s take comfort in knowing that the dark and winding roads are…

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RTR 29 | Personal Brand

Transforming Struggle Into Influence With Lethia Owens

It doesn’t matter how much money you have or your stature in life, you can transform your personal brand into something great. Be a game-changer, someone who is obsessed with the future, not the past, and influence others to greatness. Lethia Owens has gone through all kinds of struggles growing…

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Who is Deciding Your Future?

Who is creating the narrative? On this third episode of the mini-series on social programming, Amy Killingsworth invites you to take a closer look at what’s happening in the media and society at large. Could you entertain the possibility that our society is intentionally not set up for human thriving…

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This is How you Abdicate Your Sovereignty

Do we fully understand why we think and act the way we do? Do we have the sovereignty to break free from social conditioning? Our beliefs are mainly taught by our parents, friends and our environment. It is human nature to follow what people around us are telling us in…

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Are You Susceptible To Social Programming?

By questioning the narrative we are being fed and considering different ideas, one can discern if we are being socially programmed or conditioned. Using logical inquiry is crucial to discerning the truth and ultimately VITAL to our growth and evolution. Cognitive dissonance to new ideas and possibilities initially creates mental…

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Rewiring Emotional Responses For A Happier Life

  When we can understand how our central nervous system is patterned, we can then begin the work to rewire our emotional responses.  The responses we have to certain stimuli are a combination of physical and emotional aspects working hand in hand, resulting from different triggers and patterns. The great…

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Set Yourself Free From Core Wounding And Mental Strongholds

Your mental strongholds hold you back from righteousness, peace and joy- your birthright. Emotional patterns are what you play out unconsciously in response to certain stimuli. Sometimes, you inherit mental strongholds from your family. You can also carry generational patterns and traumas through your DNA. We know that a pattern…

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How is Trauma Sabotaging Your Life?

  Did you know that trauma is based on perception? Something that you were afraid of as a child might not scare you as an adult.  But there are some traumas that are difficult to heal.  They can become the cause of triggers down the line.  Join Amy Killingsworth as…

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What is Emotional Addiction?

What is emotional addiction, and how does it affect how we behave? In this episode, Amy Killingsworth defines the phenomena to find the root cause of limiting patterned behavior. She breaks down the psychology and biology to help you determine the starting point and rewire emotional responses that are more…

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Healing Your Spirit With Emotional Intelligence Pt. 3

  Many of us have experienced emotional trauma in our lives. Healing the trauma is possible if we develop our emotional intelligence. In this episode, Amy Killingsworth examines emotional intelligence and its capacity to transform us. Amy discusses emotional trauma, triggers, and healing from these brings us closer to God.…

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“Insightful, fun and real! Empowering humans to rise to their authenticity in life+business! Such a great listen for entrepreneurs and anyone hoping to become the greatest version of themselves!”

- Katie Faye

“Amy has the beautiful ability to help people shift their thinking, open their minds and hearts, and use their power to change their live! I love listening to her and learning from her. Definitely a game changer in your personal growth & empowerment!”

- Jess


“Amy is a master at emotional intelligence and this is a must listen podcast as it’s a chance to get insights for free from people who can literally change the trajectory of your life!“

- Rory


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Are you a Prisoner or a Queen? (or something in between)

The four archetypes help you distinguish between your true identity and how you might react in times of stress or out of unhealed wounds. Your identity is defined as: a) The condition of being a certain person and/or b) the characteristics by which a person is known. How do you see yourself? How do others see you? Who does God say you are? By understanding the prisoner, slave, princess (prince) and Queen (King), you can be intentional about choosing to show up as your true self and stepping away from patterns of dysfunction.

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You were born to reign. But you have to know who you are first. In this free download, I explain the four Rise to Reign Archetypes (Prisoner, Slave, Princess & Queen). Self awareness creates the ability to shift in the direction of your wildest dreams instead of your worst fears.