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Hi! I'm Amy

As a preacher’s daughter (and granddaughter on both sides), you could say it’s in my DNA to use my words to heal, uplift, inspire and encourage.

You won’t find me behind a pulpit on a Sunday morning, but most days I can be found tapping encouragement on my keyboard, speaking hope into a microphone or coaching women on how to feel more deeply, love more freely, recover their authentic selves and give who they truly are as a gift to the world.

Although I care deeply about women AND men, children, families, communities, and the planet, I appreciate the unique brilliance of femininity and believe whole-heartedly that emotionally intelligent, capable and compassionate women in positions of influence will heal some of our world’s most pressing issues.

The problem is that most women today feel stuck. Overwhelmed. Under appreciated. With more to do than they can ever get done. Let alone the time, energy, focus and clarity to pursue what George Bernard Shaw referred to as “the true joy in life - being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one.”

Through transformational workshops, and coaching - we aim to change all of that. And we don’t do it by giving women more information or tasks.

~ Women aren’t suffering from a lack of information ~

What we desperately need is transformation.


Let's Connect

With a degree in psychology and as a published author, Amy Killingsworth is an expert in mental, emotional and physical wellness.

Her first book “Change Your Food, Change Your Fate” as well as her popular digital course “Real Food Reset” were both created to expose a light on the importance of natural wellness, non toxic health and the impact of food in every area of your life. Her emphasis on inner health, both spiritually as well as physically, led to an unprecedented career in one of the worlds leading direct sales companies where she developed a 5-million-dollar business with more than 12,000 individuals in her down line in less than 5 years. Due to her loyal client base and creative marketing strategies, including her proprietary Heart Centered Selling curriculum that has been launched with thousands of sales distributors worldwide, Amy is also an elite 7-figure earner.

She also spent more than half a decade as an award winning insurance agent, agency owner and corporate sales trainer for a nationally recognized insurance company where she developed and released a nationwide sales training curriculum that is still used today.

As founder and President of the humanitarian aid non profit organization, STAT Worldwide, member of the National Speakers Association, and homeschooling her 3 children for more than 10 years Amy has attracted attention in a variety of media as well as online with a following of thousands of women who are in search of finding their own identity. Today, she speaks across the country sharing her message of self empowerment to tens of thousands of individuals on taking personal responsibility, owning your future and discovering your personal self worth.

When I’m not helping women create breakthrough in their lives, I’ll probably be hanging out with my three amazing children or cuddling my 6 pound apricot poodle named Ally.

Here are a few fun facts about me:

  • I’m obsessed with physical health, longevity and non-toxic living.
  • I adore baking, cooking, and EATING healthy food and happily, my love of exercise balances those hobbies out (CrossFit and Pilates are my favorites).
  • I’m an insatiable reader, an eternal optimist and lover of life.
  • I earned the trail name "Wise Owl" while hiking the Appalachian Trail recently but my team calls me the “Five Star Hippie” due in part to the unlikely combination of my love of patchouli oil and preference for luxury accommodations.

Most of us know what we should be doing and even how to do it. But nothing extraordinary ever gets accomplished because we are highly distracted and our emotional lives are a mess.

We stay stuck in the past, refusing - or lacking the skills - to forgive all that has hurt us. We’ve believed the lies that say we aren’t smart, pretty, skinny, rich, young, old, organized, powerful, connected, educated, or whatever enough to make a difference. And we’ve been habituated by our culture to blame ourselves, others and circumstances for our perceived lack.

I created Rise to Reign knowing full well (from experience) that most attempts at self-improvement programs, books, conferences and even counseling don’t lead to enduring evolution. Even though our intellectual intentions are pure - we want to become our brightest selves - our efforts are sabotaged by our weary, broken, and untended hearts. Freud said...

"Unexpressed emotions never die.”

As long as toxic emotions are buried alive, you can be sure they will wreak havoc in our lives. So if we want to experience unparalleled growth, have bliss in our relationships and create the income and impact we desire, we must clear out the toxic emotional residue from past hurts, release the fear we’ve picked up through the trials of life and reopen our hearts to amplify joy, peace, abundance and love.

This site and my life’s work exists to help you do just that. The Rise to Reign framework will help you find your purpose AND yourself.


Take back your power and live life without limits.

We're on the Brink of a Massive Power Shift

TIME Magazine recently reported that “we are on the brink of a massive power shift, a grinding of the gears of history into a new condition, a world in which women, if they choose, can seize the reigns of economic control.” And it’s already happening.

Women currently:

  • Make up the majority of the US workforce
  • Are starting more new small businesses compared to our male counterparts
  • Account for the majority of college graduates
  • Control $20 trillion in annual spending

Women, it's our time

As a mom of 3 homeschooled children who runs a multi-million dollar business and has high hopes myself, I know what it feels like to be stretched thin.

I’m the woman who has been strong my whole life. Formerly addicted to perfection, people pleasing, care taking and being the highly successful achiever, much of my life has been a constant hustle and grind. My sense is you know exactly what this feels like.

The struggle is real.

I was trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations of me while responding to their demands and completely denying the fact that I had any needs of my own.

This led to me being burned out, exhausted, sick and resentful. My sense is, you know exactly what this feels like.

And while it's true that we are on the brink of a massive power shift, there’s a problem.

There are simply too many demands on our time. Despite the appearance we work hard to convey that we have it all together - most of us are feeling uninspired, overwhelmed and burned out. It feels like if you are crushing it at work, you’re failing at home. Or vice versa.

I get it. I’ve LIVED it. And struggling through the paradoxical feeling that I’d have to sacrifice my dreams to be fulfilled as a woman led me to a really exciting discovery. We really can have it all.

But not by pretending, hustling OR dimming our light. I can now honestly say that I’m able to have the income, influence and impact I desire while thriving in my relationships and feeling fulfilled in my life. But it doesn’t happen by accident.

I developed the Rise to Reign framework to help women quit playing small and step into their confidence and power so they can have the connection, income and impact they crave.

Are you a Prisoner or a Queen? (or something in between)

The four archetypes help you distinguish between your true identity and how you might react in times of stress or out of unhealed wounds. Your identity is defined as: a) The condition of being a certain person and/or b) the characteristics by which a person is known. How do you see yourself? How do others see you? Who does God say you are? By understanding the prisoner, slave, princess (prince) and Queen (King), you can be intentional about choosing to show up as your true self and stepping away from patterns of dysfunction.

Copy of Roadmap to Rise (2)

You were born to reign. But you have to know who you are first. In this free download, I explain the four Rise to Reign Archetypes (Prisoner, Slave, Princess & Queen). Self awareness creates the ability to shift in the direction of your wildest dreams instead of your worst fears.

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