Episode 8: Is Fear Destroying Your Future?

Do you find that fear might be holding you back from your dreams, your purpose and calling? When an opportunity presents itself in your life, how do you respond? If fear is calling the shots in your life, read on and listen to this podcast episode! It might change your life, if you let it.

In this episode I take you into a Rise to Reign Live event where two participants candidly share their experiences with fear as it relates to decisions in their lives, how it held them back from their dreams and we listen to their exciting breakthroughs unfold.

I have talked about living in a defenseless state and how imperative this is to ending the toxic behavior cycle that you may be experiencing in your life.  Keeping your heart open instead of closed is a choice you have the power to make and is the only way to transmute an attack into love, it’s the only way to stop the cycle.  What you give your attention to gets stronger, healthy or not-  it takes a commitment to live in peace but if you make conscious choices to live with an open heart, inevitably peace will settle in. 

The mindset with which you live your days creates the environment you find yourself in.  So- akin to putting out a signal-  if you live in fear, fearful things will come knocking.  If you can consciously choose not to go down that rabbit hole of fear and live in light instead your world will change in a more positive direction.  You are THAT powerful.  The less you focus on what you fear the less power you give it, until eventually it completely loses its strength and hold over your life. 

Allow yourself to be led by peace.  When fear enters your realm, see that which is giving you fear from a different perspective.  Can you be curious? Can you lay the fear down and see it as an opportunity for growth?  These days when I get a pang of fear I think to myself “this is happening for me- it is a signal that I must do it”. Don’t recoil or retract, lean into it and know that this is an opportunity for growth and something greater for me is on the horizon. Choose to act courageously! Acting in the face of fear builds trust with yourself. You prove to yourself that you can do difficult things which is critical to growth, evolving in the direction you were created for and making your dreams come true.  

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