Episode 7: The Surprising Cure for Anxiety

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Do you find yourself constantly on edge and anxious? Do you experience moments when the anxiety completely suffocates? Mind races, blood pressure rises, cortisol levels spike, fear and sweaty pits set in.  A while later you realize you are nowhere closer to getting out of the situation you are in- fear has the driver’s seat and we are still in the same frozen, debilitated state. Our defenses are up and we are simply at this point deflecting, overwhelmed and in survival mode with no real solution or end in sight. 

Do you know that most of us live life every day with some level of anxiety and shutting down like this? We may not even be aware of it.  It runs constantly in the background affecting every decision you make, your health and your quality of life. When we have anxiety or are fear-driven we don’t have an easeful existence, neither do our loved ones around us and we certainly don’t have peace. 

If you want to live differently, if you want to invite peace into your life you need to make a choice.  Society caters to those living in fear- those that are in survival mode, those that aren’t experiencing their own self-expression.  They are distracted, overwhelmed, exhausted and easier to sell to.  So you need to consciously choose to break free of these confines that we have placed ourselves in and that society nurtures.

In this episode I dive into a Rise to Reign Live event where we use a real situation where one of our participants is entangled in a toxic relationship that is severely affecting not only her children but her quality of life.  Part of the problem is we come from a defended state of being.  We have been habituated to reacting defensively-driven by fear.  I know this may be hard to swallow but if one can commit to seeing innocence in everyone this will ease your heart and give you peace of mind.  In this episode I explain how we can do this and truly change our entire trajectory.

Only love can overcome fear.  Know that love is not easy, it makes hard decisions and is not always rainbows and butterflies.  If you can choose, however, to vibrate and hold the energy of love, I can assure you, you are well on your way to winning.  The person with the strongest belief structure will always carry every interaction.  Everything you want in your life is based on learning who you really are and knowing what you want. If you believe in what you want and you come FROM love, not FOR love you WILL succeed.   If you come from an angle of defensiveness instead of love you initiate a war you will not win.  I know this is counter-intuitive but our only safety lies in defenselessness.  THIS is the cure to anxiety: choosing being undefended- choosing love, choosing righteousness, peace and joy.  Choose love as only love is real and nothing real can be threatened.  Wherever you focus your attention is where your life will take you. If this is true and you, in some way contributed to the environment you are in, let’s flip it and create one from love. Let’s bring down your defenses, live from the heart and watch the magic that unfolds. 

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