Episode 4: Are You a Queen, Princess, Slave or a Prisoner?

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Do you find you live in a state of constant anxiety or crippled by fear? Are you in survival mode, day in, day out?

We were not meant to live in this manner.  It is exhausting and hardly sustainable.  We were meant to live in a state of alignment, of ease and flow- of bliss.  We were created to live in our natural state of righteousness, peace and joy. – it is our birthright. Righteousness refers to alignment- our divine nature, joy- a calm delight. Peace is not only the absence of anxiety but the awareness that nothing is missing and nothing is broken, that things are happening FOR you, not TO you. 

We have talked about, in previous episodes, how we arrived at this unhealthy and unfulfilling state.  Today I’d like to dive further into our Rise to Reign framework to shed light on how we unconsciously shift into different archetypes and what it means to Rise and Reign as the all-sovereign Queen.

Within Rise to Reign I explain there are three ways the false self (the ego) shows up:  the prisoner, the slave girl and the princess. 

The prisoner is the victim.  This is your lowest self. The prisoner lives in a constant state of fear and hopelessness.  She is paralayzed and in search of someone to save her. 

The slave girl is another representation of the ego but in the form of the martyr.  She is manipulative and codependent- constantly doing things FOR love, not doing them FROM love.

Finally, the princess is selfish. She complains, whines and blames others constantly.  She cannot handle rejection or failure, so she will not make any attempts at anything if she thinks she might fail. 

When you become familiar with these archetypes you can easily see how one can shift from one to the next and the next, all within minutes at times! We all do this.  What I teach is how to recognize when we slide into these archetypes and know that we can consciously CHOOSE our true nature versus the false ego.  Our true nature is love.  It feels right, it does not get caught up in the story or in resistance, our true nature is ever-present and awake in the moment.  The more conscious we are and the more conditioned we are to living in our true nature, that of the queen, the more we find flow and the more easeful and bountiful life becomes.

The queen is this- your true, authentic nature.  The queen lives FROM love not FOR love and is ruled BY love.  She is not afraid to fail- she is secure, wise and loving.   A queen does not react but chooses her response to situations.  She is intent on following her purpose, is a server to others and knows no limitations.  She is powerful and joyous and lives in flow and ease.  The queen resides within YOU.

This is a process that takes time.  It is a process of healing, of awakening, of remembering.  It is the consistent process of recognizing when you are out of alignment and choosing to step back into your higher nature when that occurs.  It is far from an easy task.  But, it is your DUTY to Rise and Reign.  It is your DUTY to your Self, to your loved ones, to the planet- to RISE in peace and REIGN in your queendom. 

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Are you a Prisoner or a Queen? (or something in between)

The four archetypes help you distinguish between your true identity and how you might react in times of stress or out of unhealed wounds. Your identity is defined as: a) The condition of being a certain person and/or b) the characteristics by which a person is known. How do you see yourself? How do others see you? Who does God say you are? By understanding the prisoner, slave, princess (prince) and Queen (King), you can be intentional about choosing to show up as your true self and stepping away from patterns of dysfunction.

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You were born to reign. But you have to know who you are first. In this free download, I explain the four Rise to Reign Archetypes (Prisoner, Slave, Princess & Queen). Self awareness creates the ability to shift in the direction of your wildest dreams instead of your worst fears.