Episode 3: Is How You See Yourself Fact or Fiction?

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In this episode I provide a glimpse into one of our Rise to Reign Live events where I share with the audience the Rise to Reign framework of spiritual and emotional healing beginning with the very first principle: identity. 

Our outflow of energy stems from how we see ourselves.  How we feel about ourselves, our sense of unworthiness, feelings of overwhelm, lack of esteem and powerlessness permeate our relationships and create the environment that we find ourselves “stuck” in. 

I spoke about the toxic tank in the previous episode- the tank that is filled with years of lies and misbeliefs about ourselves that create a reactive blueprint that is constantly running in the background.  When we live from this toxic tank it creates an unhealthy environment, one rooted in suffering, dis”ease”, strife and struggle. 

In order to change our environment, to get out of overwhelm, take back our power and live life without limits we must look within and start to heal the toxic tank.  Rise to Reign provides the roadmap to spiritual and emotional healing so that we can have, be and do all we were created for.  Spiritual and emotional healing involves correcting the lies or uncovering the TRUTH about you, others and God, peeling back the layers to reveal your most authentic nature.  It involves removing the blocks that your subconscious mind has set in place.  We do this in Rise to Reign by applying these seven principles to different areas of your life:

Identity, responsibility, forgiveness, defenselessness, truth, femininity and sisterhood. 

In this episode I tell a story as it relates to my own identity, my own personal struggle and how living a lie practically killed me! Because we are running old and unhealthy patterns and functioning under limiting beliefs we unconsciously create toxic environments that imprison and victimize our minds, our hearts and sabotage our life. 

How do we solve this?

We begin with the realization that everything we need is already within us.  In Rise to Reign we start to empty the toxic tank by helping you remember who you really are- that you are divine perfection.  When you come from this place of awareness and authenticity, you cultivate a more easeful and effortless environment around you thus allowing you to take back your power and live a life without limits!

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Are you a Prisoner or a Queen? (or something in between)

The four archetypes help you distinguish between your true identity and how you might react in times of stress or out of unhealed wounds. Your identity is defined as: a) The condition of being a certain person and/or b) the characteristics by which a person is known. How do you see yourself? How do others see you? Who does God say you are? By understanding the prisoner, slave, princess (prince) and Queen (King), you can be intentional about choosing to show up as your true self and stepping away from patterns of dysfunction.

Copy of Roadmap to Rise (2)

You were born to reign. But you have to know who you are first. In this free download, I explain the four Rise to Reign Archetypes (Prisoner, Slave, Princess & Queen). Self awareness creates the ability to shift in the direction of your wildest dreams instead of your worst fears.